Payroll and CIS

The benefits of outsourcing your payroll are: No in house payroll expertise is required. Payroll legislation changes are our responsibility. It is a cost effective solution. No IT, training costs or administrative burdens that would be associated with running your own payroll. You have access to payroll experts 5 days a week. Confidentiality is assured when your payroll is run off site. You have peace of mind that your payroll is being managed by professionals. Our Services Include Running all reports necessary reports and producing payslips. Advising you when and how much PAYE is due to be paid over. Preparing all payroll end of year returns to include P35, P60's and P14's, we then submit these electronically ensuring that you benefit from the incentive payments available. Management and application of student loans, SSP, SMP,SAP,SPP,Court orders and other legislative responsibilities. Salary payments paid by BACS.